G06 Your first agricultural drone

6L effective capacity

6L effective capacity

Rectangular layout

Rectangular layout

Quick release battery medicine box

Quick release battery and tank





Quick release medicine box + battery

G06 adopts quick-release tank and battery design, which can realize quick dressing change, battery change, simple operation, saving time and effort.

The body of the G06 adopts a modular design, and each component can be quickly disassembled and replaced for easy maintenance.

g06 Optional fixed height radar
G06 Product parameter

Wheelbase: 1172mm

Folded size: 605x694x475mm

Tank capacity: 6L

No-load weight: 4.8kg

Maximum take-off weight: 17.5kg

Battery: 12S

Propellers: 23-24 inches

Single-axis load: 4-5kg

Flight controller system: K3Apro

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