H20 Agricultural Drone

Fully autonomous high precision operation

Fully autonomous high-precision operation

Obstacle Avoidance Radar

Obstacle avoidance radar

21L effective capacity

21L effective capacity

Easy to remove the battery

Quick release battery

Quick release medicine box

Quick release tank

Dual FPV real-time monitoring

Dual FPV real-time monitoring

h20 Perception obstacles

The whole machine adopts modular designed, no special tools are needed. disassembly and assembly are simple, and maintenance time is shortened.

8 nozzles, strong and durable, the maximum flow rate can reach 10L/min

Avoid exposure to the sun and rain during transportation, prolong the life of the material, and reduce the fatigue of handling.

21L tank, single battery, quick replacement, economical and convenient.

The four-axis wind field, the fuselage with double collector plates, can be flexibly expanded to 8 axes.

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