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Efficient surveying and mapping solution

Long flight time

Long endurance

Can hang different loads

Open mounting system

RTK centimeter positioning

RTK centimeter positioning

Fully autonomous flight

Fully autonomous flight

Higher cost performance

Higher cost performance

KX flight controller product map

The KX flight control system is developed for the application scenarios of the surveying and mapping industry. It adopts the software and hardware redundancy control design and advanced software diagnosis algorithm, which can also meet the needs of power line inspection, police, fire fighting, logistics, emergency rescue, traffic monitoring, shout out warning and other industry applications.

Smart recognition, at your fingertips.

The data after surveying and mapping is imported into the Jiyi JC surveying and mapping processing software. After intelligently identifying the boundary of the plot and crop positioning, it can be directly imported into the Agri Assistant APP for fully autonomous spraying operations.


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