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The Jiyi intelligent agriculture solution is based on agricultural intelligent equipment such as intelligent agricultural drones, surveying and mapping drones, unmanned tractors, and Internet of Things equipment. Take the big data visualization platform as the top-level interaction to comprehensively monitor farm operation and environmental conditions, improve agricultural information management, and use big data Analyze, realize precision operation, precision irrigation, traceability of agricultural products, scientific early warning, support digital operation, and provide scientific research for farmers, farms and agricultural enterprises Learned production management solutions to maximize farm productivity and profitability.

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Data makes agriculture smarter.

The big data processing of Jiyi Flying Defense Manager makes agricultural operations, equipment management and control, and after-sales management digitized and accurate, and improves agricultural production capacity and profitability.

Improve the quality of job management.
Improve the quality of job management

The operation data is transmitted to the cloud platform through the network, and the operation team leader and farmland administrator can remotely see the operation data and monitor the operation quality.

Traceable historical data
Traceable historical data

All the generated data can be analyzed and processed by big data, and can be traced and searched according to time, as the basis for agricultural management, government subsidies and operation quality monitoring.

Improve after-sales management and reduce costs.
Improve after-sales management and reduce costs

The health status of the equipment, log downloads, firmware upgrades, etc. can be remotely managed, as well as the remote locking and unlocking control of the leased aircraft.

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JIYI is the global professional drone solution provider for agricultural drones. Our drones have thousands of shipment and did tens of millions of acres of works already.

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