C30 Agricultural Drone

Fully autonomous high precision operation

Fully autonomous high-precision operation

Obstacle Avoidance Radar

Obstacle avoidance radar

30L effective capacity

30L effective capacity

Easy to remove the battery

Quick release battery

Quick release double medicine box

Quick release double tank

IP65 waterproof

IP65 waterproof

Dual FPV real-time monitoring

Dual FPV real-time monitoring

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c22 Perception obstacles

C30 is equipped with 120° FPV real-time wide-angle cameras at the front and rear, which meets the needs of operation visualization. Equipped with two high-brightness LED searchlights, it is convenient for night work; it is also equipped with an obstacle sensing module, which can predict the obstacles ahead and ensure your flight safety.

c30 Professional spraying with eight nozzles

C30 adopts the design of eight nozzles and four water pumps. The flow rate of a single water pump can reach 8L/min, and the overall spraying is more uniform.

Front and rear obstacle avoidance radar, safer flight

C30 adopts front and rear obstacle avoidance radar, can fly autonomously without turning it's head. It makes the flight safer.

The wrap around folding structure can minimize the volume of the fuselage after folding, which is convenient for transportation and transition.

c30 Surrounded and folded symmetrical structure
c30 RTK precise positioning

The RTK installed on the C30 has centimeter-level positioning capabilities, providing more accurate positioning and safety guarantees for aerial defense operations.

Wheelbase: 1950mm
Product size: 2900×2900×780 mm (with arms extended, blades extended)
                2050×1610×780mm (the arm is unfolded, the blade is folded)
                1050×620×780mm (the arm is folded)
Total weight of the whole machine: (not including battery) 27.8 kg
Standard take-off weight: 38.3 kg
Maximum take-off weight: 68.3 kg
Hovering accuracy: (Good GNSS signal)
                    J-RTK enabled: horizontal: ±10 cm, Vertical: ±10 cm
                    J-RTK not enabled: horizontal ±0.6m, vertical ±0.3 m (Radars enabled: ±0.1 m)
Battery capacity: 14S (22000mAh 51.8V)
Maximum power: 12000 W
Hovering power dissipation: 6150 W (take-off weight 48.5 kg)
Flight duration: 21.10 min (@22000 mAh battery & take-off weight: 38.3 kg)
                    8.30 min (@22000 mAh battery & take-off weight: 68.3 kg)
Maximum working flight speed: 7 m/s
Maximum flight speed: 10m/s
Maximum wind resistance: 8 m/s
Maximum flight altitude: 2000 m
Recommended working temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C 
High Stability Industrial Drones

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