XC Series 30KG 50KG Agricultural Drone

G20 product
Anti-Magnetic Interference & Calibration Free

Anti-Magnetic Interference & Calibration Free

Smart with Forward & Rear Radars to Avoid Obstacles

Smart with Forward & Rear Radars to Avoid Obstacles

Affordable Smart Battery

Affordable Smart Battery

Equipped with high-flow centrifugal nozzles

Intelligent Centrifugal Atomisation

Smart with ultrasonic flow meter

Accurate Flow Control

360° Spreader

Homogeneous 360° Spread

>Dual FPV Real-Time Monitoring

Dual FPV Real-time Monitoring

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Thanks to the “Z” shape foldable structure, it is convenient and cost-saving on transportation in vehicle and transition from different working areas with the XC series drones.

Foldable agricultural drone XC series
Light-weighting airframe, lower use cost on battery

Rugged with aerospace aluminum alloy, XC30 airframe is light to lower use cost on batteries. At the same, there is no risk to get aged structure when compared to other plastic airframes.

2 centrifugal nozzles as standard, XC series drone is strong for wind-resistant and precision spraying. 4 centrifugal nozzles optional for no turn-around during spraying. Operation area is up to 20 hectares per hour.

Intelligent Centrifugal Atomisation
Spreading system optional

XC series drone spreading system is adjustable on spreading span and speed. Span can be 5m to 10m upon flight height about 3m to 5m, and speed can be 800~1500RPM.

XC series drone combines ultrasonic flow meter and smart weighing module for multiple calculation, accurately control for precision operation.

ultrasonic flow meter and smart weighing module
Secure the flight with forward and rear radar for obstacle avoidance

Equipped with millimeter-wave radar system, XC series drone works sensitively during flight, i.e. avoid collision effortlessly with obstacle avodiance radars and maintains consistent altitude with altimeter radar.

Smart with anti-magnetic interference module, XC drone can work stably in magnetic environments. It does not require calibration repeatedly for a heavy drone, so XC series drone enhances the user experience greatly.

dual antenna RTK module for anti-magnetic interference and calibration free
FVP camera LED spotlight

XC series drone comes with high resolution FPV camera for visualization of plots in long distance. The LED spotlight provide sufficient light for night work. Guard your farm day and night.

XC series drone has universal design for XC16, XC30 , which is simple for users on maintenance with universal accessories, so bring the optimum benefits to users.

Universal design for XC series, easy life on maintenance
High stability Agriculture Drones

JIYI is the global professional drone solution provider for agricultural drones. Our drones have thousands of shipment and did tens of millions of acres of works already.

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