XC10 Agricultural Drone

Fully autonomous high precision operation

Fully autonomous high-precision operation

Obstacle Avoidance Radar

Obstacle avoidance radar

10L effective capacity

10L effective capacity

Smart lithium battery

Smart LiPo battery

FPV real-time monitoring

FPV real-time monitoring

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XC10 adopts a fully symmetrical four-axis layout scheme.

xc10 Fully symmetrical four-axis layout
XC10 adopts modular design, and the arms are easy to fold

XC10 adopts modular design, and the arms are easy to fold; Reduce work preparation time, reduce storage and transportation space.

The wrap around folding structure can minimize the volume of the fuselage after folding, which is convenient for transportation and transition.

xc10 Embracing folding

The XC10 front FOV120 wide-angle real-time camera meets the needs of job visualization. It is equipped with two high-brightness LED lights to facilitate night work; And configure obstacle perception module to predict obstacles ahead and escort your flight defense operations

High stability Agriculture Drones

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