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Jiyi pod series products, including 10 times single-light pod, 30 times dual-light pod, 30 times triple-light pod and other products. The perfect software and hardware integration of pod products, KX industrial flight controller and control center backstage allows industrial drones to be equipped with different pod products according to their needs at any time to meet the needs of different scenarios.


Can be controlled remotely by GCS


Mobile APP control

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Support 5G network

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Looking for the agriculture drone factory? Here we are. We will get back to you within one working day.

Series products of pods

10x Single-light Pod
  • 10x optical zoom + 3x digital zoom
  • 4 million pixels
  • three-axis stabilized gimbal
30x Dual-light Pod
  • 30x optical zoom + 640x512 thermal imager
  • Various thermal imaging pseudo-color modes
  • three-axis stabilized gimbal
30x Triple-light Pod
  • 30x optical zoom + 640x512 thermal imager
  • 1500m laser ranging
  • 1080P network output, two-way communication
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  • 5G long-distance low-latency transmission
  • Modular design, strong expandability

Parameters of 30x Dual-light Pod

Voltage: 3S-20S

Power: about 15W

Roll angle range: -45~+45°

Control mode: support network IP control

CMOS: 1/2.8 inch, 2 million pixels, wide dynamic

Optical zoom: 30x, f=4.5mm(±10%)~135mm(±10%)

Focusing time: 实时快速对焦功能,对焦时间<1S

Digital zoom: 4X

Working mode: video recording, photo taking

Photo storage format: JPEG

Video storage format: MP4

Pitch angle range: -45 ~ +135°

Yaw angle range: 360° continuously variable rotation

Pitch and roll angle jitter: ±0.02°

Horizontal angle jitter: ±0.03°

One-click centre: automatic fast return to the initial position by one click

Thermal imaging resolution: 640x512 pixels

Pixel pitch: 12μm

Heat sensitivity(NETD):≤50mk @25℃ @F1.0

Video output: network IP output

Thermal imaging lens: 19mm,FOV:32.9° x 26.6°

Measurement function (optional): center point, display of the highest and lowest temperature, support for global temperature measurement

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