JY350 VTOL Drone

Long endurance VTOL

JY350 is designed for industrial application scenarios, with redundant control of software and hardware. It has advanced diagnostic algorithms to meet the applications of power line inspection, fire fighting, logistics, emergency rescue, transportation, surveying and mapping, etc. Provide API interface development according to different needs.


Flight time 150 mins

Flight radius 30 km


Equipped with a single-light, infrared pod


Easy to use

Fully autonomous flight

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JY350 Configuration

  • 30x optical zoom + 640x512 thermal imager
  • Various thermal imaging pseudo-color modes
  • Three-axis stabilized gimbal
VTOL controller
  • Easy to use
  • Stable flight
  • Fully autonomous flight
YK30 remote
  • 30km control distance
  • Industrial
30KM image transmission
  • 1080P
  • HDV
  • Industrial

JY350 Parameters

Wingspan: 3500mm

Full body length: 1880mm

Take-off weight: 35kg

Maximum load: 10kg

Cruising speed: 90-120km/h

Life time: load 1kg, battery life 2.5 hours

Wind resistance level (head wind): level 6

Empty weight: <25kg

Control distance: 15-20km

Maximum ceiling: 5km

Standard cruising altitude: 1km

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