Y50-X8 industrial drone flight platform has a maximum load of 50KG and can be mounted on various industrial applications to meet the needs of logistics, fire rescue, forest fire fighting and tethered emergency lighting.

Heavy load


X8 coaxial propeller

More stable and safer

Dual-antennae RTK

More accurate

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Y50-X8 Application Scenario

Optional fire fighting load
  • High-rise fire protection: water spray device
  • Forest fire prevention: throw fire extinguishing material
Load option
  • Inspection monitoring: 30x single and double optical pods
  • Speak: Megaphone
Optional emergency rescue load
  • Sea rescue: ball thrower, life buoy
  • Emergency lighting: lights
  • Aerial emergency relay station: emergency communication network platform
Optional logistics load
  • Alpine transportation: throwing device, descending device, mounting equipment

Y50-X8 Parameters

Symmetrical wheelbase: 1925mm

Expansion size: 1465*1475*595mm

Folding size: 770*985*700mm

Load: 50kg

Maximum flight speed: 20m/s

Propeller: 41-inch high-efficiency folding propeller

Image transmission: industrial grade 15km HDV image transmission

Background data monitoring: Yes

Positioning system: RTK positioning

Maximum operating height: 500m

Voice broadcast: Yes

Type of frame: OctaQuad x8

Power battery: 18S 30000mAh

Standard takeoff weight: 98KG

Machine weight (including battery): 48KG

Flying radius: 10KM

Endurance time: ≥20min

Safe wind speed: ≤level 6

Remote transmitter: 15km built-in digital transmission

Ground station: Android APP GCS

Obstacle avoidance system: front and rear obstacle avoidance

Working mode: AB mode (RTK version), autonomous mode

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