Y620 cargo drone

Industrial drone

Y620 is the latest hybrid multi-rotor drone for industry applications. Its main feature is its long battery life. It is used in logistics, inspection, monitoring scenarios.

Endurance time

Endurance time


Maximum flight distance

Maximum flight distance 144km

Operating radius

Operating radius


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Y620 Configuration

  • 30x optical zoom + 640x512 thermal imager
  • Various thermal imaging pseudo-color modes
  • Three-axis stabilized gimbal
YK30km remote
  • 30km control distance
  • Industrial grade
Aircraft engine
  • Output power 13KW
  • Output voltage DC50-58V
  • 92# unleaded gasoline + 2T fully synthetic lubricating oil (ratio 40:1)

Y620 Parameters

Expansion size: 3230 x 2800 x 1350 mm

Folding size: 1600 x 1450 x 1350 mm

Propeller: 60x13 inch folding paddle

Machine dead weight: 76kg(excluding fuel)

Maximum takeoff weight: 126kg(near sea level)

Maximum capacity of built-in fuel tank: 24L/20kg

Flight fuel consumption with full load: 10kg/h

Rated load*: 40kg

Rated endurance time*: 60 mins

Maximum endurance time**: 5 hours (an additional fuel tank is required)

Output power: 13KW

Output voltage: DC50-58V

Launch battery: 14S 6000mAH 30C

Fuel type: 92# unleaded gasoline + 2T fully synthetic lubricating oil (ratio 40:1)

Maximum wind resistance level: ≤level 6

Maximum vertical speed: ascend 5m/s, descend 3m/s

Maximum horizontal speed: 20m/s, (adjustable according to load)

Maximum flight altitude: 1000m

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